Step 2: Install the App

  1. Log in to your Adobe Commerce server using SSH (Secure Shell) and run the following commands:

  2. Create a backup by navigating to the root directory of your Abode Commerce installation and executing the command below. Please note that your website will be inaccessible during the backup process.

     php bin/magento setup:backup --code --db --media 
  3. Next, enable maintenance mode:

     php bin/magento maintenance:enable 
  4. Create a directory to store the Yext app in your Magento instance:

     mkdir -p app/code/yext/yextpim/
  5. Copy the contents from the downloaded zip file to your newly created directory using the following command:

     cp -r <path-to-the-zipfilecontents>/* app/code/yext/yextpim/
  6. If this is the first time you have installed an extension, Adobe Commerce will ask you to provide your Adobe Commerce Marketplace account credentials. To find your account information go to Adobe Commerce Marketplace > My Profile > Access Keys > Create A New Access Key. (Note: Your public key is your username, while your private key is your password).

  7. Enable the Yext Product Catalog Sync extension:

     php bin/magento module:enable Yext_YextPim --clear-static-content
  8. Update the database schema. Please note that this command is global and will enable all the Adobe Commerce extensions that you have installed, so proceed cautiously.

     php bin/magento setup:upgrade 
  9. Compile (Note: This command is only required in production mode).

     php bin/magento setup:di:compile 
  10. Deploy static content (Note: This command is only required in production mode).

     php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy 
  11. Disable maintenance mode.

     php bin/magento maintenance:disable