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To follow the steps in this guide, you must use a production account with an active Listings subscription. Otherwise, many of the requests in the subsequent steps will return empty responses.

Once you’ve successfully created and updated entities in the Knowledge Graph, you can use the Listings Management API to manage where those entities are published across the Yext Knowledge Network. The Yext Knowledge Network is a collection of over 100 publishers that will display your entity data as it is maintained in the Knowledge Graph. Every publisher is unique, but some of the common features they support are:

  • Real-time updates in response to changes in the Knowledge Graph.
  • Display of logos, photos, menus, holiday hours, and other rich entity content.
  • Duplicate Suppression (See the Duplicate Suppression Developer Guide for more details on how to manage this feature).

You can find more information about the features and benefits of each Publisher in the Knowledge Network here.

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