Step 2: Check the Status of your Listings

Once you confirm the publishers that your account contains, you can check the status of your listings on these Publisher’s sites using the Listings: List endpoint.

Endpoint Information:

Permissions Listings: READ
Description Retrieves listing information including the status and reasons why a listing may be unavailable.

Example Request:

Example Response:

    "id": "187149016",
    "locationId": "{entityId}",
    "accountId": "{accountId}",
    "publisherId": "GOOGLEMYBUSINESS",
    "status": "LIVE",
    "additionalStatus": "CONNECTED",
    "listingUrl": "{URL}",
    "loginUrl": "{URL}",
    "screenshotUrl": "NO SCREENSHOT FOR PARTNER",
    "alternateBrands": [
            "brandName": "Waze",
            "listingUrl": ""

Status Types

Type Description
LIVE The entity is matched to a listing and updates are able to be made.
OPTED_OUT The entity is opted out.
UNAVAILABLE There is an issue with the listing. Listings returned with this status will also display a ‘statusDetails’ array with a description of the issue, and steps that can be taken to resolve it.
WAITING_ON_YEXT The listing is still waiting to be delivered to the Publisher.
WAITING_ON_CUSTOMER The listing is waiting on customer action, such as adding a linked account.
WAITING_ON_PUBLISHER The listing is awaiting feedback from the Publisher about its status.

Things to note:

  • Results are sorted first by Publisher, and then by entity.
  • You can filter your results for a specific set of Publishers or entities by using the publisherIds and locationIds parameters.
  • Different publishers may have unique fields returned for their status. Refer to the Listings: List documentation for more information on what each of these fields represents.