Step 1: Getting Started — App Developer Checklist

As you begin development you will progress through a series of stages between now and the launch of your application. Here is what to expect:

Stage 1

Create a developer account . This account will give you access to an instance of the Yext platform where you can begin developing your app. The account will be pre-populated with test data so you can get a sense of how it works, but feel free to add your own data as well! For quick reference, here is our API documentation .

Stage 2

Develop your integration. This one is pretty straightforward. Questions about development? Check out our detailed app guides or post a question in the Hitchhikers community for quick answers from other developers and technical experts.

Note: Apps must include OAuth and be fully self-serve to end clients (i.e. a customer can discover, configure, and install the app without any help from Yext or the app partner). We do not allow app listings that purely serve as marketing or sales collateral; apps must provide technical value.

Note 2.0: your app should only request permission for the API endpoints necessary to its functionality. Please remove permission for any extraneous API access before submitting.

Stage 3

Fill out the app listing content in the developer portal. You can find our guidelines for creating an app listing in the next step of this guide.

Stage 4

Submit your app. Once you have filled out all required fields in the developer portal, click “Submit to App Directory.” Note: you will be asked to provide either credentials that will enable us to test the app ourselves, or a demo video showing the app’s functionality from end to end (including the installation process).

Stage 5

Review and publication. The App Directory team will review your app within one business week and provide feedback if necessary. If everything looks good, we will publish your app and notify you right away!