Step 1: Getting Set Up

Getting Started With Your Search Experience

To get started with the Search API for your own Search Experience, you will need to following pieces of information:

  • API Key
  • Experience Key
  • Locale (language)
  • Vertical Key (if doing vertical search)
  • v (Versioning)

The API Key and the Experience Key can be found under Experience Properties on the “Home” tab of the Search Experience. The Vertical Key can be found in the “Additional Vertical Setting” under the verticals configuration tab.

The v parameter (a date in YYYYMMDD format) is designed to give you the freedom to adapt to Yext API changes on your own schedule. When you pass this parameter, any backward-incompatible changes we made to the API after the specified date will not affect the behavior of the request or the content of the response. You will still benefit from any bug fixes or backward-compatible changes we may have made after the date you’ve specified.

Note: Yext has the ability to make changes that affect previous versions of the API, if necessary.

Getting Started With the Yext Test Account

If you don’t have a Search Experience set up yet or just want to follow along with the guide you can use the following parameters:

Parameter Value
API Key 4be28826989e90232722e9bf2769fbf2
Experience Key cpg-beverages
Version Production
Locale en
Vertical Key drinks
v 20210303

Sending Requests

For this guide, we will be using Postman to send our API requests. For an introduction to Postman, check out their guide .

Postman is not required so feel free to test the endpoints however you wish: CURL commands, copy pasting the example urls into the browser, your favorite request package etc. Currently all of the Search API endpoints are GET requests with specified parameters.