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Yext Search is a natural language search engine that allows you to search over your Knowledge Graph using natural language. Using the Search API you can query for entities as well as implement modern search UIs that include faceting, query suggest, spellcheck and more. The Search API is designed to be called directly from the client to minimize latency.

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The Search API is just for natural language searching and filtering. For indexing content in the Knowledge Graph check out our Knowledge Graph API.

The Search API endpoint contains endpoints for both Universal and Vertical Search. Universal search is a single API endpoint that searches across ALL vertical (content types) enabled in the Search Experience. The Vertical Search endpoint requires a verticalKey and only searches one specific vertical (e.g. location or FAQ). If you are creating a modern search UI, generally universal search maps to the “All” tab while the other tabs just search a single vertical. You can learn more about Universal and Vertical Search here.

In order to fully reap the rewards of using the Search API, you will first need to create a Search Experience. If you have not yet created a Search experience, feel free to play around with our demo account for CPG Beverages.