Step 1: Run a Test Query


Out of the box, you’ll have a search experience ready to be optimized for your brand. After this step, you’ll be able to run search queries and see the results that are returned.

Running a Test Query

First, click on Search in the navigation bar. The first option you’ll see under Search is the Overview screen.

Click on Search > Overview

Once you’re live, you’ll be able to use this screen to quickly gauge the performance of your search. For now, click on All Search Experiences in the navigation bar.

Click on View Experience next to your desired Search experience (or just select your chosen experience straight from the navigation bar).

Click into your desired Search experience to view the backend

You’re now at the control center for your Search backend experience!

Click into the search bar in the center of the screen. You’ll see a few prompts, referred to as hardcoded prompts. These help guide your users to understand what kind of content they can search for. Click on one of these prompts, and see the relevant entities appear in the results.

Search Test Search

Notice that as you click on the hardcoded prompts, or enter searches of your own, the data returned is our sample set of entities. In the next few steps, you’ll learn how to customize this data to represent your brand.