Step 2: Update An Entity


As part of your account creation, we have added some sample entity types and entities to get you off the ground. During this step, we want to make sure that your experience returns your brand’s actual data instead of placeholder data.

In this step, you will:

  • Update an FAQ entity in your experience
  • Run another query to see how these changes impact your experience

Adding & Updating Content

There are 2 primary ways to update content:

  1. In the UI via single or bulk edit
  2. Via entity upload with a spreadsheet

We’ll go through the UI process now and the entity upload process in the next step.

Single & Bulk Edit

To update content on your entities in the UI, you can use the single or bulk edit actions.

To start, let’s try modifying one of the FAQs:

  1. Navigate to Content. Click on Content > Entities in the navigation bar. Here, you can view, filter, edit, and manage your entities.

  2. Select one or more entities and click Edit. To edit a single entity, just click on its name. To bulk-edit, select the check boxes for the entities you want to edit, or select all in a view by clicking on the checkbox at the top of the table. Then, click the More Actions dropdown at the top of the table and click Edit.

    Select the checkboxes and click More Actions > Edit

  3. Click into a field. You’re now in the Entity Edit view. If you are looking at a single entity, you’ll see all of that entity’s field values. If you’re bulk editing, you’ll see the overlapping field values for the selected entities, or you’ll see “Various Content”, indicating that the selected entities have different values in those fields. You can still edit any of these fields by clicking into the field.

    Click into a field in Entity Edit

  4. Add the updated content. Type in the content you want. In this example, we’re changing the name of the job posting from “Check-In Coordinator” to “Part-Time Check-In Coordinator.”

  5. Click “Save”. This is now saving the information to your Content and updating the content on all of your experiences. If you’re bulk editing, the Save button will indicate the number of entities that will be updated.

    Enter your changes and click Save

Let’s re-run a hardcoded prompt from Step #1 to see how these Content changes impact your search experience.

  1. Navigate back to your search experience by clicking on Search in the navigation, then choosing your experience.

  2. Click into the search bar in the center again. Select a hardcoded prompt that you expect will return results containing the entities that you’ve just edited. (Here, we’re choosing the “Open jobs” prompt, since we just edited three Jobs entities.)

Rerun your test search

  1. Notice that when you click on FAQs, or enter searches of your own, the data returned has changed to reflect the updates you made.

View updated search results

In the next step, you’ll learn how to customize your data at scale to fully represent your brand.