Step 3: Review Professionals’ Names

Why this step matters: It is common for consumers in the Healthcare industry to search by provider names, and we often see consumers enter partial names, typos within names, nicknames, or even outdated maiden names. It is also common for providers to search themselves on their Healthcare System’s Search and expect to come up first as a result when searched directly. For this reason, it is important to configure Search to be performant with these possible variations but also highly rank when a user conducts a full name search.



  • Ensure your professionals’ names are current, accurate, and reflect the full name the professional expects to be discovered by in your Find-a-Doctor search experience.
  • Include any nicknames or maiden names in separate custom fields. To add custom fields, review this help article.

Search Configuration

  • Configure each name field (e.g., Name, First Name, Last Name, Nickname, Maiden Name, etc.) with a combination of Text Search and Phrase Match . We recommend using Text Search and Phrase Match for each name field because they are more inclusive of all terms within a user query.

Common Mistakes

  • Using NLP Filter on any people name fields. This is a mistake because this filter is typically too exclusionary and could inadvertently filter out the intended individual (e.g., a provider may have recently changed their name from “Jane Smith” to “Jane Roberts” and a query for “Jane Smith” could trigger an NLP Filter for providers with the last name “Smith”, filtering out “Jane Roberts”).