Step 6: Add Custom Phrases

Why this step matters: Healthcare systems can have many multi-word concepts that should be treated as a singular concept, such as facility names and certain medical terminology (e.g., we want a search for “Smith Sleep Center” to avoid matching with “Jane Smith” or “Cardiovascular Center”) . Yext Search allows healthcare systems to configure these brand-specific Custom Phrases to ensure the most relevant results are returned for your organization.


Search Configuration

  • Configure Custom Phrases for multiple-word medical terms that should be treated as one singular concept (e.g., Sleep Medicine, Physical Therapy, Breast Cancer, etc.).
  • If you are operating an experience that includes Facility and Professionals verticals, and the facility names include one or more medical terms (e.g., Springfield Cardiology Clinic, Smallville Pediatric, and Sleep Center, etc.), configure the entirety of the facility names as Custom Phrases to ensure searches which include the facility name do not trigger unintended matches on the medical terms.