Step 5: Add Synonyms

Why this step matters: Users in the healthcare space can search in a variety of different ways, and will typically use “layman” or generalized versions of the proper terminology. It is important to configure Yext Search using best practices that account for this user behavior and create an efficient experience.



  • For the Yext Configurable Taxonomy, include Synonyms within the Synonym fields in the entity’s profile. If additional synonyms are needed than the ones provided, add them to the fields on the appropriate Healthcare Taxonomy entity.

Healthcare Entity Other Fields Section

Search Configuration

  • For the Yext Configurable Taxonomy, handle Synonyms within the Synonym fields in the entities of the Taxonomy by making them searchable with Phrase Match, not within the Synonyms feature of the Search Configuration.

Common Mistakes

  • Using synonyms, especially Synonym Sets, within the search configuration (instead of the entity’s profile in the Content) as a way to solve for a lack of Healthcare specific taxonomy.