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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • What is an Upload Configuration
  • When to use Upload Configurations

Upload Configurations

If you are uploading the same file multiple times, we strongly recommend that you save your configuration so you can process the file in fewer clicks.

At the end of an upload, you will be on the Summary page. There is an option to save the Configuration Name. Enter a name and click Save.

save upload configuration

The next time you are processing that file, you can select your saved upload configuration in the Upload File step. If the system recognizes all of the columns in the file based on the saved mappings, the system will automatically start processing the file and take you to the Fix Errors or Review Changes step.

use saved upload configuration

To access your saved upload configurations in the future, go to Content > Configuration > Upload Configurations.

Why Use Upload Configuration

Upload Configurations are designed to save you time. Here’s what we’d recommend for each file type you upload regularly:

  1. Settle on the format you have from your source system.

  2. Try uploading the file at least once, if not twice, to make sure that you know what rules you want to apply.

  3. Take advantage of all the features, especially data cleansing and template application for new entities. Optimize the process to minimize the number of clicks or steps you have to take to properly add, update and remove entities from your account.

  4. Make sure you upload entities frequently enough. If you’re using the Upload Configuration properly, it should only take a few minutes to process the upload, so you could do this weekly but no less frequently than monthly.

  5. If your source file format changes, not a problem. You can edit your saved Upload Configurations at any time by navigating to Content > Configuration > Upload Configurations to update any field mappings, field headers, cleansing rules, additional actions, etc.

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