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  • Common scenarios for Scheduled Updates
  • Value of Scheduled Updates

Now that you know how Scheduled Updates work, it’s important to think about different scenarios when you’d want to use the feature.

Seasonal / Holiday changes Nobody wants to wake up on a holiday and have to make an update for work! Instead, you can schedule any seasonal or holiday updates in advance. In many of these cases, you’ll want to make sure that you revert the content at the end of the season / holiday. You can also easily pair this with Templates – update your seasonal template and apply it on a future date.

New Store / Product / Promotions Often times, brands will add entities to their search experiences before they’re fully “open” or “ready”, like new Store openings or new Product launches. You want customers to know about these but you might have things like “Coming soon” in the name or business hours closed. With scheduled updates, you can set the content for the Listings, Pages or Search to change on the opening / go-live date. If the date shifts, don’t forget to reschedule the updates. This also works well together with Templates – we recommend having a “new location” template so that you can easily apply all the content needed for opening day at once!

Address Changes Stores, Advisors, Doctors – they all move! You can schedule address changes, even map marker pins, in advance.

Closed Locations When locations close - either permanently or temporarily - scheduled updates are a great way to make sure that information goes out to consumers at the right time. You can even schedule changes using a ‘closed location template’!

Re-Brands Every brand needs a refresh! Yext is always a big part of a brand’s re-branding strategy. The big day is going to be stressful enough so we recommend scheduling these changes in advance – whether it’s a new brand name, new logo, new mission statement, etc. Don’t forget to also update the content in your Templates!

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