What can Apps do? | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • What types of Apps exist
  • Common use cases for Apps


Apps built for the Yext App Directory have full access to the robust APIs available within Yext. These APIs allow Apps to:

  • Manage information in Content
  • Load entities into Content
  • Check the status of business listings and publisher suggestions
  • Access analytics data on how consumers interact with Yext customers’ information online
  • Monitor, respond to, generate, and manage reviews
  • Manage administrative functions such as users, custom fields, etc.
  • Post content to social media

Some common use cases for Apps include:

Entity data management and syncing: An App could monitor for updates on entity data in an external system or in the Yext Content and make the appropriate changes to the other system. This capability would allow customers to use existing processes or introduce new processes to manage entity data without replacing systems.

Entity upload: An App could pull data from a third-party system and load those entities into Content.

Analytics data export: An App could export analytics data from Yext into a business intelligence (BI) or data analysis tool to make insights more accessible to stakeholders.

Reviews generation: An App could export customer data from a customer relationship management (CRM) system to generate first- or third-party review invitations.

Digital assets import: An App could import digital assets from existing platforms into the Yext Content to be used throughout the product.

Example Use Cases

Here are a few examples of how the App Directory can help you:

Healthcare Client “Hitchhiker Health” Brings Insights into Focus with Tableau App.

Since 1975, Hitchhiker Health has provided care to thousands of individuals in 24 states. But getting Yext data into their Tableau dashboards was cumbersome — lots of exporting, reformatting, uploading, and no resources to dedicate to building an integration on their side to make this easier. Until…. the launch of the Tableau integration in our App Directory!

Now, with Yext’s Tableau App Directory integration, Hitchhiker Health can now easily and seamlessly incorporate Yext Analytics metrics into their Tableau dashboards, without the manual effort or having to build the integration on their own.

Apollo Financial manages Customer Engagement with Hootsuite

Apollo Financial has a very prominent Facebook presence and utilizes Hootsuite to social post. The social team also handles review response, and they were finding it inefficient to bounce between 2 systems regularly - Yext for reviews, and Hootsuite for social posting.

Now, with Yext’s Hootsuite App, the Apollo content team is able to monitor and respond to their Yext reviews in Hootsuite alongside their social content. This enables Apollo to keep track of all of their customer engagement in one dashboard.

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