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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • How to navigate the App details screen
  • Available App settings & where to find your API key
  • App API Usage

App Details

Once you create your app you will land in the App Details page.

Creating an app will also add it to the list of in your Developer Console overview screen. Clicking on the app will bring you back to the App Details page.

App Distribution Method

In addition to the Basic Information, the thing you’ll see on the App Details screen is the App Distribution Method field.

Apps can be both private (meaning only you will have access to them), or public (meaning they can be listed in our App Directory for other users to take advantage of.

app distribution model

By default, apps will be private. However, if you’d like to create a public app, you can select Public Distribution from the App Distribution Method field. This will open an additional set of fields that are required for public apps.

For more details on public apps, we recommend visiting our Create an App guide .

API Credentials

The second tab you will see is API Credentials; this is where you can add endpoint permissions for your app.

In the API Permissions section, each endpoint in the Management API can be set as “Read-only” or “Read/Write”. Content Delivery API endpoints are default “Read Only” because you cannot push information into Yext via this type of Yext API. If you’re working on any sort of read/write integration, you should start by creating an App in a Developer Account. Developer Accounts allow you to test and QA in an environment that does not jeopardize production data (data syncing out to Listings, Pages, etc..!). Once you’ve completed testing, you can replicate your App in your production account. See more information about creating a developer account here .

select api endpoint

The API Credentials tab also includes important Credentials and Linking information like your API Key. Your API key is essential and you’ll need this key in order to start developing and placing calls.

api credentails


This tab is primarily relevant if your app requires OAuth; as this is where you can configure the relevant OAuth-related settings.

For more details on OAuth, visit our OAuth and Permission Scopes guide .


This is where you configure webhooks that may be leveraged by your app. Here you can click + Add Webhook, and select which types of webhook events you would like your app to subscribe to.

For more details on webhooks, visit our Configure Webhooks guide .

Configuration Resources

If your app is going to apply a configuration to an account as part of its installation process this is where you can import the desired configuration resources you’d like to apply.

Account Configuration can be added via a link to a Github repository. When a Yext customer installs an app, the configuration in the Github repository will be applied to the account as part of the app installation process.

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