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  • An overview of the new Analytics features from the Spring ‘23 Release

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New Release Features
For a full list of features, visit the Spring ‘23 Release Notes .

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Deprecation of Activity Log

In the Fall ’22 Release, we announced that in order to improve the way users can organize and manage Entity History within the Yext platform, we are deprecating the existing Activity Log screen in Spring ’23. We are replacing it with Entity History via the Logs API and a platform UI, and any existing links to the Activity Log will now redirect to the Entity History UI.

Now, data that you historically would find in the Activity Log will be available in the Entity History UI. For example, in the past if you used the Activity Log to view a list of all profile updates, such as this:

activity log ui

You can now visit Knowledge Graph > Configuration > Entity History and filter by the Field Updated Event Type to view the same information, with additional detail.

entity history ui

For more information about the functionality of the Entity History UI, visit the Knowledge Graph unit above, or the Entity History UI reference doc.

API Updates

With this update we are also deprecating the Activity Log API endpoint. Just as you are able to view data in the Entity History UI, you can also view entity history in the Logs API using the entityHistory table. To query this table, send a POST request to the query endpoint like so:

In your request body, specify the fields from the table you want returned, the number of records, any filters, and more. Here is an example body for a request that returns 100 records for the four specified fields, sorted by most recent timestamp first:

  "fields": [
  "pageSize": 100,
  "descending": true

To learn more about this endpoint and the parameters of the request, see the Logs API documentation .

How This Impacts You

This move from Activity Log to the Entity History UI and API provides you with even more information about the changes to entities, and acts as a true comprehensive log of all changes in the Knowledge Graph.

With this update, you will no longer have log-level insight into Listings activity, as Entity History is focused on Knowledge Graph updates. Over time, additional features will be added to the Logs API to provide historical logging for other areas of the platform.

You will still be able to view aggregate metric data for each activity type in either Report Builder or the Reports API by mapping activity types to the following metrics:

Activity Type Report Builder Metric Name Reports API Metric Name
Profile Updates Profile Updates PROFILE_UPDATES
Review Reviews NEW_REVIEWS
Social Posts Social Posts SOCIAL_ACTIVITIES
Listings Live New Listings Live LISTINGS_LIVE
Duplicate Suppressed Duplicates Suppressed DUPLICATES_SUPPRESSED
Publisher Suggestions Retrieved Publisher Suggestions PUBLISHER_SUGGESTIONS
Publisher Suggestions Rejected Publisher Suggestions, filtered to Publisher Suggestion Type is ‘Rejected’ PUBLISHER_SUGGESTIONS filtered to PUBLISHER_SUGGESTION_TYPE is REJECTED
Publisher Suggestions Approved Publisher Suggestions, filtered to Publisher Suggestion Type is ‘Rejected’ PUBLISHER_SUGGESTIONS filtered to PUBLISHER_SUGGESTION_TYPE is ACCEPTED

Feature Availability

The platform screens will officially be deprecated on April 19th when this feature is released with General Availability of the Spring ‘23 Release.

The Entity History UI feature is also part of the Spring ‘23 Release. To turn this feature on in your account, navigate to Account Settings > Account Features and select Spring ‘23: Knowledge Graph Entity History (early access).

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