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a { background-color: #009345; color: white; padding: 5px; font-size: 2rem; text-transform: lowercase; }

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    Turtlehead Tacos would like their link text to be in all caps. What CSS property could you use to accomplish this?

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    Go to the Turtlehead Tacos Home Page: What is the hex color of the See Menu button?

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    Turtlehead Tacos wants their See Menu button to grow bigger in font and become darker in color on hover. Which properties would you change on the hover state? (Select all that apply)

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    Turtlehead Tacos wants their buttons to be responsive. Which is the best way to define the button font-size?

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    Turtlehead Tacos has one main brand color that they want to use in several style rules. However, they're going through a brand redesign and want to easily be able to change this color in one place. What should they do?

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