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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • Overview of Various Configuration Controls
  • Configuration Use Cases & Examples


Throughout the various configuration modules, you’ll learn about the controls an Administrator has within the file and how to set up the controls. Some examples of configuration include:

  • Query Suggestions / Hardcoded Prompts
  • Verticals
  • Entities Returned per Vertical
  • Entity Sorting
  • Query Rules
  • Facet Filters
  • Direct Answers
  • Location Search Support by Country
  • Additional Stop Words

An Administrator will leverage the Search Configuration to control various elements in the search experience. The below examples should help you visualize what control the Search Configuration has once it is implemented by the Administrator:

Query Suggestions:

query suggestions example


vertical search header example

Which entities are returned in a given vertical and how they are sorted:

example of vertical sorting

The ordering of the verticals in Universal Search:

example of entity sorting in a given vertical

Which facets appear in vertical search, if any:

example of facets in a vertical

Direct Answers:

example of a direct answer

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    Which of the following can you control within the configuration file? (Select all that apply)

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    True or False: The Search Configuration controls the sorting of entities within a vertical, but it DOES NOT control the universal sorting of verticals themselves.

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