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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • Key components of the structure of your website
  • Key components of the design & content
  • Key technical components of your website

SEO Best Practices

When evaluating a business’s current SEO performance, we suggest conducting an ‘SEO Audit’ to determine to what extent the webpage is following SEO best practices from a structural, design/content, and technical perspective.

There are many factors that search engines will take into account when ranking content. Below we have included a list of best practices to consider; in the next unit we’ll isolate some of the most important elements and do a deeper dive.


  • Consistent Citations and Backlinks*
  • Configurable URL Scheme
  • Directory Pages
  • Breadcrumb Links
  • H1 Tag**
  • Title Tag**
  • Canonical tag**
  • Meta Description**
  • Structured Data (Schema.org)*
  • XML Sitemap*

Design and Content

  • Prioritize Above the Fold Content*
  • Responsive Design Framework*
  • WCAG 2.1 Level AA
  • Alt Image Tags*
  • Favicon**


  • Content Delivery Network*
  • Automatic 301 Redirects
  • HREFLANG Tagging (Multi-language support)
  • Robots.txt*
  • Page Speed Optimization*
    • Image Compression*
    • Minify Resources*
    • Remove Render Blocking JS*
    • Optimize CSS Delivery*
    • Minimize HTTP Requests*

*Automatically implemented by Yext’s Page Builder
**Requires setup through Yext’s Page Builder

Note: Pages built by Yext’s consulting team will incorporate each of the items on this checklist automatically as part of the Pages build process.

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