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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • How you earn points
  • How to earn badges
  • How to earn streaks
  • How ranks work

How to Earn Points

You have probably noticed that you’ve already started earning some! As you engage with the training content and the community, you will earn points and badges to demonstrate and show off your progress.

Points are earned through a variety of different ways, the most common being completing training modules, quizzes, and challenges. You can also earn points by interacting with the community, and attending Hitchhikers events or office hours or engaging in other activations.

For example,

  • Each unit you take will be 20 points
  • Each challenge is 100 points
  • Each office hours or digital event you attend is 42 points
  • Each new topic you create in the community is 10 points
  • Responding to another user’s post is 5 points
  • Uploading an avatar to the community is 42 points

One important thing to note is that although you can submit the quizzes and challenges as many times as needed, you will receive fewer points for each retry, so we recommend reading the content carefully to ensure maximum points (and content comprehension)!

How to Earn Badges

You will earn digital badges for every track that you complete. This indicates that you have completed the training for that specific topic! For many Hitchhikers the main goal of the training will be to obtain Badges, as this demonstrates full knowledge of a topic or product area.

Keep an eye out — once you finish this first intro track you will see your first badge in your account!

How to Earn Streaks

We have three different streaks you can earn as you complete training. Streaks are a great way to track your progress on a regular cadence and help motivate you to build consistent habits for yourself.

Each streak has different criteria — a streak is the number of times in a row you have completed the necessary criteria. Once you complete the criteria, your streak will increase by 1 each time.


  • Daily Quiz Streak indicates how many consecutive days you have completed one full quiz. This can be a Unit or Module Quiz. Missing a day will result in losing this streak.
  • Quiz Accuracy Streak indicates how many consecutive quizzes you have gotten all the questions correct. Getting a question incorrect will result in losing this streak.
  • Weekly Challenge Streak indicates how many consecutive weeks you have completed a challenge. Challenges can be found at the end of most modules. Missing a week will result in losing this streak.

Each streak is represented by an icon and will be showcased in your Control Center, Profile drop-down and the Leaderboard. You can compete with your peers to earn a special streak emoji next to your name on the leaderboard! If you lose your streak or have not achieved it, it will be greyed out in your Control Center. It will light up once you have met your streak by completing the criteria. Don’t forget to keep your streak going!

Lastly, you can share your progress! You can also share both Badges and Streaks on Social Media straight from the Control Center. Hover over them in the Control Center to post it.

How Ranks Work

All of these points and badges will add up, and as you earn more, you will see that you will achieve new “ranks”. These ranks will enable you to unlock certain benefits.

We have 7 ranks and each correspond to a set of points earned:


Higher status ranks equate to even more great benefits. Keep gaining points to unlock these Yext rewards!

Some benefits include:

  • “Sneak Peek” webinars for product releases

  • Exclusive events

  • Access to Yext product experts

  • And much more…

As you acquire more points and badges, you will always be able to track your progress. You can click on your name in the top right corner to see your rank, the total number of points and badges you have, and the points needed to get to the next rank level.

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