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What is the Listing Detail Page

The Listing Detail page is where you can view data fetched by the Verifier.

The Verifier automatically scans the web and determines if data in the platform appears correctly on the corresponding publisher listing. It’s important to note that every publisher has its own rules and processes for receiving and displaying data on its site, also known as Publisher Transformations. As a result of publisher transformations, sometimes the data displayed on a listing will slightly differ from the data you have stored in the platform. The system proactively flags any discrepancies between the data you provided and the data a publisher is displaying, while also accounting for publisher transformations. This helps remove all ambiguity and manual reviews from the process. The data is presented as a comprehensive table, which allows you to assess an individual listing’s accuracy.

listing detail page

The Listing Detail page can be found by clicking Listings in the navigation bar and clicking All Listings. Once you’re on the All Listings page, click on the row or corresponding Details button in the table for the relevant publisher.

listing detail button

What can be Found on the Listing Detail Page

Entity Information

You will see important entity information at the top of the Listing Detail page. This information includes the name of the entity, an address if your entity has one, and the entity ID. If you click on the Entity ID link, you will be taken to the entity in the platform.

listing detail entity information

Listing Detail Actions

  • Force Sync: Resends data in the platform to the publisher.
  • Scan: Fetches the publisher data and reverifies the accuracy of the listing.
  • View Listing: Opens up a new tab in your browser to view your listing on the publisher.
  • Opt In: Allows the system to sync to your listing.
    • Note: This button only appears for listings that are opted out.

listing detail actions

Listing Specific Information

If your listing is Synced, you will see important information about this specific listing. You will see information such as the name of the publisher, the date the listing’s accuracy was last verified, the status of the listing, and if applicable, a map. For more information about listing statuses, see Listing Statuses . If the listing is Processing, Opted Out, or Not Synced it will display the corresponding status in a single row on the page and you will not see the table below.

Data Table

The data table is the most important part of the listing detail page. This table displays a specific field, the entity data that is in the field, the data that is showing on the publisher, and the status of the data.

listing detail data table


  • Field: The name of the field in the platform.
  • Entity Data: Always shows the latest entity data, even if the previous version was verified.
  • Publisher Data: Always shows the latest verified publisher data.
  • Status: Either Verified, Processing, Data Mismatch, or Field Not Synced.

NOTE: If a field in the platform is not supported on the publisher site, it will not display in the table.


  • Verified: The current data in the platform matches the data on the publisher.
  • Processing: The data in the platform was updated recently. Once another scan occurs, you will see Verified or Data Mismatch based on the status of the scan.
  • Data Mismatch: The current data in the platform does not match the data on the publisher.
    • If the last verified data in the platform does not match the data on the publisher site, the publisher data will be in red text in the table.
    • If data in the platform is blank, and the publisher data is not, you will see No value in the Entity Data column.
    • If data in the platform is filled out, and the publisher data is blank, you will see No value in the Publisher Data column.
  • Field Not Synced: The data is not being synced based on the Field Syncing & Mappings settings (found in the Configuration tab of the Publisher Detail page)

The Listings Accuracy Metric

In addition to checking the accuracy of your listings on the Listing Detail page, you can track the accuracy over time using a metric in Report Builder. You will learn more about that in the Listings Insights & Metrics unit. For a quick reference, see the Listing Accuracy reference documentation.

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