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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will:

  • View data updates pushed to your deploys
  • Learn how data updates are streamed to deploys


Whenever Content changes – whether from content edits in the UI or through API integrations – Yext will automatically push data updates to Pages, updating the relevant web pages in your deploys. Data updates in Pages are extremely performant and highly scalable. An individual update can be processed in seconds and the system can handle hundreds of thousands of concurrent updates.

In this unit, we’ll walk through what happens in the Pages UI once data has been updated.

Viewing Entity Edits in your Deploys

As mentioned in the previous unit, the Data Updates tab of the Deploy Details screen displays pages in your deploy that were re-rendered as a result of data updates from your Content. This tab will be empty if you haven’t edited an entity since your last deploy was completed.

After you have made an update to an entity in your Content, return to the relevant site and click into the Data Updates section of your deploy. Here you should see a data update entry in the table representing your edit.

deploy details data updates screen

If you click View Details on the far right, you should see a diff view that shows the data before and after your change.

deploy details data updates details screen

How Data Updates are Streamed to Deploys

Data updates are streamed to multiple deploys. This allows you to keep multiple instances of your site up to date with the data in your Content.

This is critical for when you want to roll back changes to your site, as you can easily deploy, stage, or publish a previous commit of your site, with confidence that the data on the pages is not stale.

Sites will stream data updates for up to five deploys per branch. New deployments will “deactivate” the stream for the oldest deployment that is currently active. Redeploying a previous commit will regenerate the preview link as well as refresh the data.

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