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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • What module parameters are
  • Ways to display content in module parameters


Each module is made up of a set of parameters. This is an individual piece of content like headline text, an image, or a button.

Module with module parameters highlighted

When you click to edit a module, you will see all of the parameters that make up each module. From there, you can edit and configure each parameter of the module. You can choose how to display content and whether parameters should be displayed, or removed from the page.

Visualization of data mapping to module parameters

When editing module parameters, there are two ways to display content in module parameters. Content can either be dynamic or hardcoded.

  • Dynamic: you map to an entity field. This means the content will pull from the field in Content.
  • Hardcoded: you enter a constant value. You either enter text into the field or upload an image.

We will dive into the details of these differences and how to configure this later in the training.

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