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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • How it works
  • Use Cases
  • Considerations


You can enter text or upload an image as a constant value. This allows you to display the same hardcoded content in this field across all pages using the template.

Some modules (like the Store Locator module) contain specific module parameters that only offer constant value options.

Excluding Parameters

When a module parameter is set to display a constant value, if you want to remove a parameter from displaying across all of your pages, just delete the text or the image in the parameter.

Example of how deleting content removes the module parameter from the page

Use Cases

  • Logo or text in the top navigation bar
  • Headline text to announce a section on a page
  • Text in call-to-action buttons

To Enter a Constant Value

  1. Click into the module.
  2. Click on the name of the module parameter you would like to update.
  3. If the module is defaulted to a constant value, enter text into the text box. For photo fields, click Add Image and select a file from your computer or enter an image URL.
  4. Otherwise, click More Options and click Use a constant value and either enter text, or if it is a photo field, upload the photo or enter a URL for the photo.
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    When a field is set to constant value:

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