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You’re ready to start customizing the Restaurant pages for Turtlehead Tacos and map to the data in their Content.

There are a few things you know you want to do:

  • Add things like a Banner with an image and description of Turtlehead Tacos and a Core Location Details module to display information specific to the restaurant.
  • Add some FAQs to link from the Restaurant page. They get asked a lot of questions and this should help reduce call volume so the team can focus on delivering a great restaurant experience.
  • Show a preview of the Community Stories on the page so more people know about what they’re doing in the local communities.
  • Add the Restaurant Promotions to the page.
  • Make sure that the Nearby Locations module is only pulling from open restaurants.

Your Challenge

  1. Update the Banner Image module.

  2. Update the Core Location Details module.

    • Update the Primary Hours Heading to a constant value of “Restaurant Hours”
    • Remove the headline by mapping to “None”
  3. Upload this FAQs file to the platform:

  4. Add the ‘Individual FAQ’ module to your page.

    • Move it above the ‘Text Block’ module
    • Replace ‘Headline’ with ‘Frequently Asked Questions’
    • Map ‘Image’ to ‘None’
    • For the rest of the fields, you want to map to another Entity: “faq-1 - Do you sell gift cards?” for each of the parameters.
      • Map the ‘Question Text’ to the ‘Question’ field on the Gift Card FAQ entity
      • Map the ‘Answer Text’ to the ‘Answer’ field on the Gift Card FAQ entity
      • Map the ‘Link Text’ to the ‘Primary CTA > Label’ field on the Gift Card FAQ entity
      • Map the ‘Link URL’ to the ‘Primary CTA > Link’ field on the Gift Card FAQ entity
  5. Add the ‘Three Column List’ module for the Restaurant Promotions.

    • Move this module below Core Location Details module
    • Update the ‘Headline’ to ‘Restaurant Promotions’
    • Update the list source so it pulls from the Restaurant Promotions field on the Restaurants (this entity).

    Within the list of items:

    • Remove the Subtitle by mapping to ‘None’
    • Map the ‘Title’ to ‘Title’ sub-field
    • Map the ‘Description’ to ‘Description’ sub-field
    • Map the ‘Image’ to ‘Photo’ sub-field
    • Update ‘Additional Information - Link Text’ to ‘Visit Turtlehead Today’
    • Update ‘Additional Information - Link’ to
  6. Update the ‘Text Block’ Module to highlight the Save the Turtles Community Story.

    • Update the ‘Headline’ to ‘Community Stories’
    • Map the Paragraph to another entity, select the Save the Turtles (CS-1) entity and select the ‘Description’ field
    • Update the ‘Button Text’ to ‘Learn More’
    • Update the ‘Button URL’ to
    • Update the ‘Background Color’ to #d5d5d5
    • Make sure it’s above the Nearby Locations Module if it’s not already
  7. Update the ‘Nearby Locations’ module.

    • Navigate to Content > Configuration > Saved Filters and copy the “Open Restaurants” filter ID as the Saved Filter ID
    • Update the ‘Headline’ to ‘Nearby Restaurants’
    • Update the ‘Limit’ to 4
  8. Update the ‘Navigation Bar with Yext Search Bar’ module

    Update the link text to have the following header names in this order:

    • Restaurants
    • Careers
    • Community Stories
    • Events
    • FAQs
    • The Turtlehead Fun Zone

    Make sure the Logo is the Turtlehead Tacos restaurant logo.

Module Assessment
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Report Card
Customize the Banner Image Module
Customize the Core Location Details module
Upload the FAQ file
Add Individual FAQ module and customize
Add the Three Column List module and customize
Customize the Text Block module
Customize the Nearby Locations module
Customize the Navigation Bar module
Common Issues
Make sure you spelled any constant / hardcoded values exactly. expand/collapse module

Make sure you spelled any constant values exactly as specified in the challenge. For example, the last link in the Navigation Bar should say

“The Turtlehead Fun Zone”

and not:

  • “Turtleheads Fun Zone”
  • “The Turtle Zone”
  • “Turtlehead Fun Zone”
Make sure you spelled the field and API names exactly. expand/collapse module
You need to spell the field display names and API names exactly as specified in the challenge. This includes casing – if the challenge says to name a field “Title” you should name it “Title” and not “TITLE”.
Did you remove parameters properly? expand/collapse module
Make sure to map a parameter to “None” if you don’t want to use it. You can do this by selecting to map to a field and then selecting “None” in the field dropdown.
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