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In this section, you will learn:

  • How to create a new Home Screen
  • How to customize and manage Home Screens


The Home Screen will be the first page you see when you log into the account. However, you can always access it by clicking Home in the top navigation bar.

To open the Home Screen Admin panel you will need to click on the arrow on the left side of the screen.

how to open sidebar

Create a New Home Screen

To create a new Home Screen, click on the + Add Home Screen button and enter a name for your Home Screen.

Next, you will need to determine the audience of your Home Screen. You can make a Home Screen visible to:

  • Only Admin Users
    • This will only display the Home Screen to Admin-level users.
  • All Users
    • This will make the Home Screen visible to all users in the account.
  • Specific User Roles:
    • This will only make the Home Screen visible to certain user roles. To select which users this Home Screen should be visible for, click into the text box and enter the first few letters of the user role and select from the list that appears.

If you decide to make your Home Screen visible to All Users or Specific User Roles you also have the ability to exclude certain users. For example, if you want to make it visible to all users except for a handful of specific users.

To do this, simply check the box Exclude Users or User Roles and enter the username of the person you would like to exclude, or the name of the user role to exclude.

add Home Screen modal

When creating a new Home Screen, you have the ability to copy from an existing Home Screen if you want to carry over some of the modules, or you can start with a blank Home Screen and create it from scratch.

Activate your Home Screen

By default, new Home Screens will automatically be added as a draft, so you must activate the Home Screen in order for it to be visible to users. To do this, click Activate in the top right corner.

how to activate

Customize your Home Screen

You have the ability to customize your Home Screen to change the content that appears. Once you are in Edit mode, (click on the expander icon on the left side of the screen to open up the sidebar, then click on the Edit Home Screen link), you can easily make your necessary adjustments.

Adjust the Banner

To adjust the banner, click on the pencil icon in the top right corner. adjust banner From here, you can edit the Background Color of the banner, the Text Color, as well as the text in the body of the banner. This allows you to share any relevant messages that you think would be useful to Home Screen viewers, and add any relevant styling that may match your brand.

Add, edit, or remove modules

Add modules

To add modules, click on the Add Module button at the top of the screen. From here, you can choose from a series of built-in modules to help you display relevant data.

The modules are broken down by product area, so there are modules for Platform, Listings, Reviews, Analytics, and Answers. This enables you to see things like:

  • Add a Fix your Data module so you can see any listing issues that may prevent your listings from syncing so you can easily take action
  • Add a Reviews Rating or Recent Reviews module so you can keep track of your overall rating, as well as new reviews that are coming in.

To add a module, click on the desired module and click Next. Then you will be able to enter the desired Display Name for the module. This should be something that will make sense to the viewers of this Home Screen.

Once you enter the name you can then apply the relevant date range, and any other applicable filters.

adjust module

Once you have added the maximum number of modules per Home Screen, the Add Module button will be grayed out.

Home Screen Specific Modules

Most of these modules are versions of Analytics modules that you can also display in Analytics Dashboards, or versions of modules on the Product-area Overview screens. However, there are a couple Home Screen specific modules under the Platform section, this includes:

  • Task List: This is only available to Partner and Small Business customers, and this allows you to surface a list of tasks that need to be complete in the account to boost the quality of your data. This includes things like adding a logo, website link, and hours of operation
  • Quick Links: The Quick Links module enables you to display useful links to users viewing the Home Screen. This can include things like, links to recent business related articles, links to help articles, or webinars.

Quick Links Module

The Quick Links module has some additional configuration steps that are important to highlight. This module is a two column list, and you have the ability to add four links to each column. For each column you will be able to select the icon that you would like to display alongside the column header, and then you will enter the display names for the links, as well as the link URL. If you only want to display one column of links, simply leave the Column 2 section blank.

quick links module

Edit a module

To edit a module on your Home Screen, simply click the pencil icon in the top right corner of that module. This will enable you to change the name, time frame, and any other relevant adjustments.

Remove a module

You can easily remove a module from the Home Screen by clicking on the trash can icon in the top right corner of that module.

Adjust the audience

To adjust the audience of an existing Home Screen click on the pencil icon next to Audience: at the top of the Home Screen. edit audience This will drop you into the settings you saw when you created the Home Screen initially, and allows you to adjust the name of the Home Screen, as well as adjust the audience.

Save and Publish Changes to your Home Screen

Once you have made adjustments to your Home Screen, you can either click Save, to save the Home Screen as a draft. Or, you can click the drop-down arrow next to Save and select Save and Activate to save your changes and make those changes visible to the designated audience.

Save and Activate

Manage Home Screens

There are three sections in the Home Screen panel:

  • Drafts: Where all of your Home Screen drafts will be listed
  • Active (Read-Only): This is the list of Home Screens that have been shared with your account, and therefore you are unable to make adjustments to these Home Screens. If you would like to make adjustments to the Read-Only Home Screen, we recommend making a copy of it and making your desired adjustments. To do this, click on the three dots next to the name of the Home Screen you want to copy, and click Copy to Drafts.
  • Active: This is the list of Home Screens you created that are currently active and visible to users.

Update Default Home Screen

Home Screens will display to users in the order in which they are listed in the sidebar. The first Home Screen being the default Home Screen that users will see when they first log in. Additional Home Screens can then be accessed from the sidebar.

To set the Home Screen as the default (by moving it to the top of the list), click on the three dots next to the name of one of your Active Home Screens and click Move to Top. Once you confirm this the Home Screen hierarchy will be adjusted.

move to top

Change the Status of a Home Screen

You may want to update which Home Screens users can see, or keep a Home Screen in draft mode while you work on adding the correct content.

This scenario is particularly common as you start to create multiple Home Screens. You can only have 10 active Home Screens at one time. When trying to activate a Home Screen, if you have reached the maximum number, you will not be able to activate your Home Screen. In order to publish this Home Screen, you will first need to set one of your Active Home Screens to Draft before you can activate the new Home Screen.

To update the status of a Home Screen, in the side panel, click on the three dots next to the name of the Home Screen you wish to activate, and click Set to Draft.

set to draft

Then, for the Home Screen you want to activate, you can follow the steps and click Set to Active.

set to draft

Delete a Home Screen

To delete a Home Screen, click on the three dots next to the desired Home Screen and click Delete. Then you will confirm that you want to remove the Home Screen, and acknowledge that it will no longer be visible to the designated audience.

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