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  • How to launch entities


Launching Entities is the process of adding services to an entity so it can be powered by Yext products.

To launch entities on Yext products:

  1. Click Content in the navigation bar, then click Entities.
  2. Select the checkboxes next to the entities you want to launch on Yext products.
  3. Click on the More Actions button and select Add Services.
  4. Select Subscriptions or Feature Packs depending on the products you are trying to add services for.

launch services


For subscription-based launches, you will select the license pack you would like to assign to the entity, and click Continue.

Feature Packs

For feature pack based launches, you will select the option to add a feature pack, or to turn on features from an Existing Feature Pack that may already be applied to the entity.

add features

The details of the following steps will differ depending on what product you are launching entities on: Listings, Pages, Reviews, etc.


For details on launching Listings see, the Launch Location Listings or Launch Event Listings units in the Listings track.


For details on launching Pages, see the unit on Publishing your Pages in the Pages track.

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