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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • How to view your amount of platform usage


When you first sign up for a Yext account, you will select the products you want, as well as the capacity. This includes things like:

  • Number of entities you plan to store in Content
  • Number of pageviews you expect on your Pages
  • Number of searches you expect to be run on your Search experiences

Additionally, you will also buy things based on the quantity. For example, how many entities you plan to power on Listings, Menu Listings, or Event Listings, or how many entities you want to monitor Reviews for.

Your ability to launch new entities on Yext products depends on how much capacity you have left.

To view your current platform usage:

  1. Click on the Account Details icon in the navigation bar and click Account Settings.
  2. Click Platform Usage.

On this page, you will see a single table where each resource will have its own progress bar illustrating how much a resource has been used relative to its corresponding limit. You’ll see orange “Nearing Capacity” and red “Over Capacity” warning messages at appropriate thresholds. Each resource will also have its own View History button where you’ll be able to view each resource’s Usage History page.

platform usage page

Beyond this page, when you are approaching your capacity limit, you may notice an orange banner in the platform under the respective product area (such as on the Pages tab or Content tab) with a warning letting you know you are approaching 100% usage for that resource. You will also see a red “Over Capacity Alert” once you have exceeded 100% capacity for a specific resource. These serve to help keep you and your team up to date on your platform usage.

In addition to viewing the usage in the platform, you can also set up notifications to alert you when you hit certain capacity benchmarks.

To learn more about creating notifications visit the Notifications module.

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