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Imagine you are just starting your work for the Turtlehead Tacos team. Instead of starting from scratch, like you did in the Knowledge, Pages and Answers tracks, you want to install the Restaurants solution template as your starting point.

Your Challenge

When you generate your challenge account, note that your account is empty. Remember, this is a new starting point with a fresh account.

  1. Navigate to Apps > Solutions

  2. Click on the Food Solution

  3. Click to View Solution to view the solution’s configuration files in the Admin Console and to start the installation flow

  4. Once in the Admin Console, click into a few files from the directory on the left to become more familiar with the template. Try to find the following files and take a look:

    • km/entity-type/ce_menuItem.json - this is the file for the Menu Item Entity Type configuration. You’ll see the fields, whether each one is required or not, and metadata like the type’s display name and plural name.

    • km/field/c_primaryCTA.json- this is the file for the Primary CTA custom field. You can see the field is using the Yext field type CTA (yext/cta).

    • pages/site-config/Answers-Food.json - this is the file for your Answers site. You can see things like the site’s name, the Github Template Repository used to generate the repo, and the site’s credentials (test/test).

    Feel free to click around to see even more.

  5. You decide that you want to modify the files before you apply them, which you are always welcome to do! Remember that any changes that you make in your browser won’t impact the global solution template – they’re just saved locally in your browser. Navigate to the km/entity-type/ce_menuItem.json file and add in a description for the Menu Item entity type:

    This entity type is to store the menu items for our brand, including fields like allergens and calories. 
  6. When you’re ready, click the Apply button in the top right corner of the screen

  7. Enter your Account ID of your Challenge account. You can find this in the URL path (e.g., /s/[accountID] in the url of your account or by navigating to Account Settings and searching for Account ID). You can leave the Namespaces field empty. Click Continue.

  8. Now you need to authenticate into your account. Click the link to “Start Authorization Flow”. Once authorized, close the tab and then click Continue.

  9. The solution contains a variable for the businessId (this is the same as the Account ID) to set the GitHub Repository name for your Answers site repository as food-template-answers-site-businessId. This is the same name you would provide if you clicked “Create Repository” in the Sites tab. Like in step 5, you can find your account ID in the URL or by navigating to Account Settings and searching for Account ID field).

  10. You’ll be prompted to View Diffs to review the changes you will be applying to your account. Click into a few files. Specifically, look at:

    • An example of adding a new file: km/entity/Menu1.json
    • An example of updating a file: km/entity-type-extension/job.json

    If you see something on the diff that you don’t want to apply, you can click cancel and modify the files in the Admin Console. Otherwise, click Continue.

  11. Review your changes one last time. Click Confirm to proceed.

  12. Monitor the application in the Console. If there are any errors, review the error message and take any necessary actions. If you aren’t sure, reach out to hitchhikers-support@yext.com or post in the Community

  13. Go back to your account and check out:

    • New entity types in your account by visiting Manage Entity Types
    • New sample entities by going to Knowledge Graph
    • New Pages by going to the Sites tab
    • New Answers experience configuration by going to the Answers tab
  14. Optionally, if you want to see your Answers experience in-action, follow these steps:

    • Navigate to Sites > Answers
    • Click “Select Domain” > +Create New Domain
    • Select Answers integration method of “Subdomain”
    • Enter a unique sub-domain, we recommend: “answers-turtleheadtacos-[account ID].yextengtest.com” (you can find the Account ID in the URL or in Personal Settings)
    • Click “Continue” twice
    • Click “Create Domain”
    • Click “Continue”
    • Navigate to the Staging Environment for your Site by clicking “View Environment” in the Staging module
    • Click on New Publish in the top right corner
    • Select Master and click Continue
    • Wait for your site to Publish. This may take a minute or two. Familiarize yourself with the instructions below as you wait.
    • Click on the Staging environment link (remember that username and password are both “test” per the configuration file you applied)
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