Adding more NLP triggers for 'open now'

Hi Community,

With queries like ‘near me’ and ‘open now’ that trigger an nlp filter it might be difficult for users to find the exact strings that trigger these filters. I am currently working on a German answers experience and in German there’s a number of queries that all mean the same as “jetzt geöffnet” (open now) but do not return the expected results.
Is there a way to incorporate these additional strings through the platform so that the search is a little more forgiving when it comes to the query?
More specific:

  • [location] jetzt geöffnet
  • [location] die jetzt offen ist
  • [location] die offen hat
  • [location] der geöffnet hat

All of the examples above (and probably more) would be expected to return the same results.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Hey Max - These all seem reasonable to add! We’ll aim to add them some time in the next week. We’ll keep you posted.

Hi @Max_Davish , upon looking at those texts again I’ve realized that it’d make more sense adding those for both genders. So we’ll need to add the following:

  • [location] jetzt geöffnet
  • [location] geöffnet
  • [location] die offen ist
  • [location] der offen ist
  • [location] die geöffnet ist
  • [location] der geöffnet ist
  • geöffnete [location]
  • geöffneter [location]

Let me know if any of these need further clarification.
Thank you!

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Sounds good - definitely makes to have both gender variations. We’ll add these.

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Good morning, @Max_Davish,

sounds great. :slight_smile:
is there any overview, which “keywords” trigger a NLP-filter? E.g. “open now” triggers the “builtin.hours” filter. Any more?
It would be very interesting to have such an overview for all countries (languages) and all filters. Maybe a community post, which is updated regularly?!

Thank you.

Hi @Max_Davish ,

do you have any answer for me?

Thanks a lot.

Hey Heiko,

Here’s a list of German phrases that trigger an “open now” hours filter:

“jetzt offen”
“jetzt geöffnet”
“jetzt auf”
“aktuell offen”
“aktuell geöffnet”
“aktuell auf”
“gerade offen”
“gerade geöffnet”
“gerade auf”
“jetzt geöffnet”
“der jetzt offen ist”
“die jetzt offen ist”
“das jetzt offen ist”
“der offen hat”
“die offen hat”
“das offen hat”
“der geöffnet hat”
“die geöffnet hat”
“das geöffnet hat”

How do these look to you? I don’t speak German so let me know if any are wrong!


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