“Open Now” Hours Filtering (June '21 Release)

We can now support “Open Now” status filtering, including both NLP and static filters. This way if a user searches “restaurants open now” and you have selected NLP filtering on the builtin.hours field, Answers will automatically filter out any restaurants that are currently closed. The user’s time zone and the entity’s holiday hours will be factored in as well.

The addition of hours filtering provides end users with a better experience so that they can quickly find a convenient location and ensure that it is open in real time.

To set this up, simply add builtin.hours as NLP Filter in the Configuration UI or through the JSON editor:

    "builtin.hours": {
      "nlpFilter": true

The end result will produce an NLP filter for the “open now” intent:

To learn more, visit the Core Configuration training module.

Does enabling this feature require upgrading to theme 1.22 / UI 1.9?