Additional WCAG Updates (Spring '22 Release)

Note: This theme version includes breaking changes. Be sure to follow the upgrade implications in the breaking changes post.

:spiral_calendar: This feature is available in Early Access in English on the branch early-access-spring-22. Here’s how to use the Early Access branches of the Theme and SDK!

Collapsible Filters Tab Order

We’ve addressed an issue with the tab ordering for collapsible filters. To ensure the tab order is correct when users tab through the site, we moved the view results button markup further down the page in each vertical page template.

Note: This is a breaking change - all upgrades to Theme 1.29 or later must follow the upgrade implication instructions below.

Upgrade Implications:

Every vertical pages.html.hbs file in your experience must be refreshed if you upgrade to theme 1.29 or later. You can do this with one of the following approaches:

  1. Replace all the content in each vertical pages.html.hbs file with the content from the theme file (find this at themes/answers-hitchhiker-theme/templates/[page-template]/page.html.hbs). Then comment in any previously commented in filters, sorting, etc. that you would like to use. (Recommended)
  2. Recreate each vertical page using the Jambo Command “Add Vertical”.
  3. Move the viewresultsbutton markup manually in each vertical pages.html.hbs file.

[page-template] refers to the page template used by each vertical. This would be vertical-standard, vertical-grid, vertical-full-page-map, or vertical-map.

Option #1 (replacing content with content from the theme) is the recommended approach as it is less time consuming than option #2 and less error prone than option #3. However, if you have a highly customized vertical, you may want to make the updates manually with option #3. To do so, follow the breaking changes post which consolidates both of the breaking changes from this release.

Move aria-expanded onto Search Input

We’ve adjusted the aria-expanded attribute on the search bar, which will now update based on whether or not there are autocomplete results.

Upgrade Implications:

If you wrote a custom template for the search bar component (or autocomplete or filtersearch), you’ll need to update it with the latest changes.