Using the early-access branch of the Theme

During our release early access periods, you will be able to upgrade to the early-access branch of the Answers Hitchhiker Theme. This will give you access to features and allow you to submit feedback for QA. On the GA (general access) date, we’ll push the production branch of the new version.


  • This is at your own risk and there could still be some bugs that won’t be fixed until the GA date. We recommend doing this on a branch to view in staging and only pushing to a production site after extensive testing.

  • The early-access branch of our Theme will point to the early-access branch of our SDK (it will ignore what you have set in global_config.json). If you just want to use a dev or early-access branch of the SDK without the theme, follow these instructions.

  • At or after the GA date, make sure that you upgrade to the master branch of the Theme. This will include any bug fixes applied during the early access period. At this point, you’ll need to manually update your global_config.json to the latest SDK version.

Instructions on How to Upgrade

  1. Navigate to your Code Editor. You must be on the latest code editor, with upgraded Jambo and you can find instructions on how to upgrade to this here.

  2. Click on Tools > Jambo Commands

  3. Select Upgrade Theme

  4. Enter the early access branch name. To find the name of the branch, refer to the community post for the theme you are upgrading to (for example: visit Theme 1.23 post to see its branch name).


  5. Click Submit

  6. In your global_config.json, make sure to update your sdkVersion to the appropriate Answers Search UI SDK version. To find the name, refer to the community post for the theme you are upgrading to (for example: visit Theme 1.23 post to see its branch name).

  7. The stages should now be staged! Use Live Preview and your staging site to thoroughly test all of the changes. Reference the Theme Release community post to find any upgrade considerations / instructions.

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Hi Liz - Thanks for these instructions! I’d love to take advantage of the early access branch of the Theme but am having some issues. After submitting the feature/early-access-spring-21 upgrade it’s staging 375 changes and after watching to console and force refreshing the live preview I’m seeing a white screen with a ton of files. I attended the office hours yesterday and did my best to read through all documentation linked from this page but still can’t figure out what’s wrong. Any recommendations would be much appreciated :slight_smile: