Compatibility of Answers and third-party accessibility software / screen reader

Hi there,

My client has a third-party accessibility tool built into their website. This tool (ReciteMe) helps dyslexic and visually-impaired users adapt the content on the website to make it more accessible.

Features include a screen reader, a translation widget and a toolbar to change a website’s styling.

Will this tool be able to process all of the content on their Answers result page?

Thank you,

Hi Max,

I’m not familiar with this exact platform, but similar ones typically just process the HTML on the page. Answers is no different from a regular website in that way, so I wouldn’t anticipate any issues there (to be certain, you’d need to fully try it out).

My larger concern would be with a client-hosted implementation (and the outer technology communicating with an iframe). I got in touch with someone from the Recite team, it turns out they do have specific steps for iframe’d content – see page 6 here.

As the site is built, I’d recommend following said guide. At that point, you should be able to confirm for certain that the recite toolbar is able to interact with Answers.

Keep us posted on how it goes!