Custom Sections (Fall '20 Release)

Have a lot of fields in your account? Or a lot of users logging in to make changes?

Introducing Sections!

In the Fall '20 Release, we’re excited to introduce the ability to customize Field Sections in the Knowledge Graph!

This new feature allows you to create fully customized visual interfaces for your entity types. This is available for all entity types (both Built-in and Custom Entities) and for all types of fields (Built-in and Custom fields). You can learn all about this in detail in our Custom Sections training module as well.

Here are some of the ways you can customize your Knowledge Graph with Custom Sections:

  • Change the order of sections and create your own section names

  • Add dividers between sections for added clarity

  • Group and move fields into the section of your choosing (Built-in and Custom Fields can now be moved into any group)

Finally, the updated View Selector tool allows you to better edit and view fields across entity types. You can now select different entity types and choose from various dynamic presentations of your selected entity combinations.

How to use it

You can take advantage of this feature by turning on the “Fall '20 Release: Custom Sections (early access)” features in Account Settings. Once on, when you are in the Field Configuration screen for an Entity Type you now add fields directly into the section of your choice. If you want to add new sections or move the sections around, no problem - you can easily do so in the interface.

You will also be able to modify the translations of sections, which is particularly helpful if you have users logging in to make updates in different languages.

To learn more about Sections, visit the Custom Sections training module.

If you have any comments, feedback, or questions on this feature, leave a comment below!

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Can multiple custom section formats be created for a single entity type?
(Use case: clients with different priorities across different brands, regions, etc.)

How do custom sections and re-ordering fields on KG impact the exporting and uploading of data? For example, will changing the field order without updating the upload file’s columns cause an ETL to break?

Right now, Custom Sections are account-wide so you can only have one set of Sections defined for a given entity type and it will apply to all entities/users in your account.

Feel free to let us know if you run into compelling use cases that would require more Section types as you or your customers start using the feature.

Hi Susie,

Reordering fields or adding/removing/updating field Sections will have no bearing on how you update data via the upload or API. No integrations should break.