Documentation - Broken links / long page load


On this page: Vertical Results | Hitchhikers many of the hyperlinks are not working for me. For example the “Vertical Search Results” link in the first yellow box in the Vertical Results > Background section doesn’t do anything when I click on it. Nothing happens when I click the “here” link in the green box at the very top of the page either. This is happening for many of the links but not all of them.

Separately, the page takes quite a long time to load. The sidebar and header show up immediately but it takes ~16 seconds before any content is visible. image

I’m seeing the broken links both Firefox and Chrome. The slow loading only seems to happen in Firefox though. Chrome loads much faster.


Hi @Ben_Haines,

Thanks so much for calling out these links! We’ll take a look at the hyperlinks and page load speed for Documentation Home | Hitchhikers.