Entity Template on Knowledge Graph

Hi there,

I just wanted to confirm if this is a bug or intended.
Client raised the concern that when going to add a new entity, the content they have already inputted into the modal of the new entity gets erased after selecting a template.
For example, type AAA into name field and apply template which only has categories, name field gets cleared away. If this is expected functionality, we suggest to either

  1. content remains even after selecting the template to apply (preferred)
  2. place template at the top so people select the template at first before typing anything in the box

Thank you!

Hi Kotoko,

Thanks so much for reaching out about this. We agree and have added an item to our Product roadmap to address this behavior. We will circle back once we have a timeline for completion.



Thank you for your request here. I wanted to let you know about our new Ideas board. Ideas is a new feedback platform within Hitchhikers where users can submit product ideas or feature requests. I’d recommend moving your idea so you can track statuses and comments from our Product team, and receive upvotes!

Lastly, please note that given the new Ideas forum to share requests, we will be deprecating this category of the Community by end of the month. Let me know if you have any further questions.