Experience Training vs Support Site Display Results

On this Support Site, when I query “How do I add seats?” I am given a featured snippet in an unformatted text box that is not really readable. Then when I go to Experience Training and enter the same query in to the search box, you can see that the results are actually for a different Search Term - “How do I add seats to Outreach?” which display in rich text.
Both results (the featured snippet and the rich text) are pulling from the same entity but are displaying the answer very differently.
We would want the user to receive the rich text results for both since they are essentially the same question. I have rejected the featured snippet answer but it still displays on the Support Site, and now when I go into Experience Training and enter the same search term it shows “no rows”.
I think I understand the reason for the snippet - it is because Answers thinks it has a match for a specific snippet and goes to highlight sentences instead of displaying as rich text, but in this instance we can clearly see that the format of the snippet is actually quite unhelpful. Any advice here, or any enhancements that can be made? Thank you!

Hi Andrew,

There are a couple things at play here:

  • In Experience Training, when you enter “How do I add seats” into the search bar, you are filtering for any search terms that include this phrase, which is why you see a different search term.
  • A search term will only show a featured snippet that has been approved for that specific search term, e.g. if you approve a featured snippet for “How do I add seats”, this featured snippet will not automatically show for “How do I add seats to Outreach”. (This assumes you have featured snippets set to APPROVE_ONLY. Otherwise the the algorithm will choose the best featured snippet to show until you approve one.)
  • For each search term, the algorithm may suggest multiple possible featured snippets for you to approve. Some may include rich text formatting, while others may not. If you want to show rich text formatting in your featured snippet, you should approve the one that includes rich text formatting in Experience Training and reject the others. Currently you cannot modify rich text featured snippets to show another part of the field.
  • We currently can’t control what featured snippets the algorithm suggests, so if you don’t see the featured snippet you want for a specific search term, there’s not much we can do. Improvements are on our product roadmap and feel free to add suggestions to the Ideas board.
  • I checked your experience and looks like the above featured snippet for “How do I add seats” is no longer showing so your featured snippet rejection worked. My advice here would be to change your current universal prompt from “How do I add seats” to a similar query where the featured snippet appears how you want it. The change in universal prompt would drive users to search the right query to surface the featured snippet.

Hope this helps!

When I submitted this, I had also updated the universal prompt to "How do I add seats to Outreach and that did solve the immediate issue. Thank you for all of the information… I’m sure I will be referring back to this!