Modifying Predictions in Experience Training (November '21 Release)

Experience Training allows you to provide feedback on Featured Snippets produced by Document Search. Previously, you could only approve or reject snippets identified by the AI algorithm. Now, you also have the ability to modify a snippet. If the AI algorithm identifies the incorrect portion of text from your entity, you can select a different portion of text to be used as the featured snippet for the query going forward. Experience Training both corrects specific queries and provides feedback so the AI can get smarter over time.

For example, Document Search recommended the featured snippet “AI Search Company” in response to “what is yext company.” If we wanted to add more detail to the snippet, we have the option to move or expand the highlighted text to select a different portion of the field. This new selection will be shown when this query is run in the future.

Access the Featured Snippet modal from three parts of the platform by clicking the wand icon to edit.

  1. Test Search (both sidebar and full screen)

  1. Search Logs once you click into a log item

  1. Experience Training Table

To turn on this feature in your Production account, you can fill out this form here and select “Experience Training Updates” from the list of features.

To learn more about modifying featured snippets, check out the Experience Training unit.