Facebook Cover Photo Description

Hello All! I am looking to update all our Facebook cover photos at once with a description about the photo. How can I do this in a mass update?

And what does it mean when Yext tells me the entities have different values? I don’t want to reset these if it will mess something else up. Thank you for any help, I have just started using the platform and am not sure on this.

Hi Brooke,

If you are trying to mass update all Location entities to add a FB cover photo and it is telling you that there are different values, then at least one of the entities has a photo assigned already.

If you just want to update any entity that doesn’t already have an image, I would recommend going to your Knowledge Graph and adding a filter to show you any entity that doesn’t have data for the Facebook Cover Photo field.

Once you apply the filter, you can select all in active filter and click More actions > Edit to update them.


Once you are in edit view, adding an image or description will add that information across all entities.

Let me know if this helps!