Answers Theme 1.20 and Answers Search UI 1.8

Introducing Answers Hitchhiker Theme 1.20 and Answers Search UI 1.8! We’re very excited to bring you a series of new features with these releases :tada:

:spiral_calendar: Unless otherwise indicated, these features are available in Early Access in English. Here’s how to use the Early Access branches of the Theme and SDK!

New Features :cowboy_hat_face:

  1. New Maps

  2. Document Search Support

  3. Dynamic Text Highlighting

  4. “Create Vertical” Command

  5. 4 Column Layout

  6. Add Default Initial Search on Universal Search

  7. Fixes and Small Features

  8. Apply Filters from URL :exclamation:

  9. Boolean Support for Facets :exclamation:

Features with :exclamation: will be available in General Access (not Early Access)

:eyes: If you’re using Answers Search UI directly, not all of these features will apply to you. Answers Search UI v1.8.0 Release Notes can be found here.

Upgrade Call Outs :warning:

  • Note the removal of the default star icon in Fixes and Small Features will impact your experience if you have not specified an icon.

  • Apply Filters from URL removes the old index based parameters; if you were relying on said parameters, be mindful when upgrading to this version, since they will be replaced with filters that more closely resemble the Live API filter language.

  • If you’re using Document Search, make sure to check the new DirectAnswer component settings outlined in the Document Search Support post.

  • If you’re using the New Maps, make sure to understand the upgrade implications described in the New Maps post.

  • We added a few new scss variables. If you are upgrading, you will not have these variables by default. To remedy this, copy the following variables into your answers-variables.scss file. We’ve added notes around where we put them stylistically, but so long as they are all within the :root { } object, they’ll work! Feel free to reference the full file here, or view it within the theme’s folder in your repo.

   // theme specific variables
    --hh-universal-grid-four-columns-width: calc(calc(100% - var(--hh-universal-grid-margin) * 8)/4);

   // component specific variable overrides
  --yxt-text-snippet-highlight-color: #eef3fb;
  --yxt-text-snippet-font-color: var(--yxt-color-text-primary);
  --yxt-direct-answer-view-details-font-weight: var(--yxt-font-weight-normal);

   // This is a NEW section, below "component specific variable overrides" but within the root.
   // interactive map variables
  --yxt-maps-search-this-area-background-color: white;
  --yxt-maps-search-this-area-text-color: var(--yxt-color-text-primary);
  --yxt-maps-mobile-detail-card-height: 225px;
  --yxt-maps-desktop-results-container-width: 410px;
  --yxt-maps-mobile-results-header-height: 121px;
  --yxt-maps-mobile-results-footer-height: 97px;

:mega: Answers Search UI Library Version 1.8 works best with Theme Version 1.20, particularly if you’re using our collapsible filters layout. If you’d like to take advantage of the two Search UI 1.8 features that are fully independent of the theme (Apply Filters from URL and the removal of the default star icon in Fixes and Small Features), we’d still recommend upgrading your theme to Version 1.20.


:tada: These features are now all live with General Access! :tada: They’re available in all languages Answers supports.

If you have an existing site, upgrade your version of the Answers Hitchhiker Theme using the Jambo upgrade command, and don’t forget to set the sdkVersion attribute to 1.8 in your global_config.json.

If you’re making a net new site, all of these great features will be included by default.