How often are Google reviews pulled into the platform?

Can you confirm how often Google reviews are pulled into the Yext platform?

Google My Business reviews are pulled into the platform in real-time, and we also scan weekly for Google My Business reviews.


our team has been noticing lately that there is often a delay in Google Reviews being added. they also seemed to be clustered to being received in the afternoon - has something changed?

@Andy_Seguin Nothing has changed on our side. We receive real-time notifications from Google when a new review is posted. If you have any specific examples, please ask your CSM to submit a ticket for our engineering team to investigate!

@Andy_Seguin After further investigation, it does look like there is some delay between reviews being posted on GMB and the reviews being pulled into your Yext account. I have raised this issue with our engineering team and will follow up with your CSM offline!

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thanks @Jesse_Shatsky. appreciate the update