Disable Core Information Sync to GMB

I have a customer who’s very specific in the fact that they do not want syncing of information to Google My Business. I’ve been able to turn off the basic syncing items from Settings, but am unable to do anything from the Yext side with the core information such as Name, Address, Phone Number. Theoretically, we could just unlink GMB but we still want to utilize the Reviews product and be able to pull reviews in, monitor, respond to them which wouldn’t be possible if we just disconnect the account.

Is there a way that anyone knows of that we can block the syncing between Google My Business (or even Facebook) as it pertains to Name, Address, and Phone with Yext even if it’s from the publisher’s side specifically?

Hi Heather,

You can turn off syncing data to GMB by “opting out” of the Listing - when a Listing is opted out, data will not sync between Yext and the publisher. The Opt Out status will not affect the Reviews product, so you will still be able to have a linked GMB account and utilize Reviews features.

Once a Listing is opted out, you can always go back and “Opt In” to the listing to resume data syncing if need be.

Hope that helps!

@dluo Hmm. I’m unsure if that would work for us as we’ve integrated Yext functionality into our marketing platform at our company. We’re not using traditional Yext functions for review generation so I think opting out of GMB would disrupt the ability to send the links to our customers.

@Heather_Donaldson thanks for the additional info. I’m connecting with your CSM offline to discuss the integration and if there’s a solution that can support what you’re looking for :slight_smile: