How to track the upload of content to new listings

We are updating the content of over 2000 entities using about 130 people. How can we keep track of our progress in this process?

Hi Michael,

You’ve got the power of the Yext platform! What are you looking to track specifically? As you can see from the list below, there are many features of the platform to can use to help with tracking who made the updates, the progress of the upload, the accuracy of your Listings, and more. I can answer any other high level questions about how each of the below works. If you have questions about what data model you should use and what features best support that, please reach out to your account team who can help tailor the solution to your specific needs!

Content Management

  • Content management is done in the Knowledge Graph. There are many ways you can update your data, including manually in the platform, automatically with an app or crawler, or with a spreadsheet upload. Each of these methods will show you progress as they’re uploading data.

  • For updates across many users, you can use the Knowledge Assistant to have users update content through a messaging interface on their phones or if you want them to use the platform, set up user roles and permissions to define what each user has access to update.

  • If you’re looking to track who made the updates, you can check out the history of entity updates using the Logs API and we’re working on an in-platform UI.

Listings Management