Improved Query Suggestions Ordering (September '21 Release)

The Query Suggestions engine includes a typo tolerance (for English Answers experiences) so the search bar can surface suggestions that do not exactly match but are close to what the user is typing. This means that the Query Suggestions engine would return more than just the suggestions that exactly matched the query in the search bar, just in case the user made a typo. However, in use cases like product search, searchers might prefer exact matches for the product name being typed to appear at the top, not randomly in the list of suggestions.

For example, a searcher typing “iPhone 11” would expect to see the suggestion “iPhone 11” at the top of the list, not “iPhone 12” even though the terms are similar. With the September Release, we’ve updated the Query Suggestions engine so that exact matches to the query being typed surface ahead of any other suggestions.

To learn more about Query Suggestions, visit the Core Configuration - Query Suggestions training module.