Search Tracker - 0% Listings


Within the search tracker’s breakdown of results we control, Listings is appearing as 0% even though locations are powered by Yext Listings. Our Local Pack and Corporate Website is showing up as about 54% and 46%, respectively.

Is it an expected behavior to see none of our share of intelligent search attributed to Listings? If so, may I know what we can do to improve this, please?


Hi Scarlett,

Thanks for reaching out. It is possible that your Listings are appearing as 0% of the Share of Intelligent Search. But this doesn’t mean that Listings aren’t appearing in search for the queries that are being run. The Local Pack and Knowledge Card component is also powered by Yext listings (which in the example you cited is currently 54% of your Share of Intelligent Search). So this means that of the times your listings are appearing in SERP, they are appearing in the Local Pack or the Knowledge Card, and they are not appearing as part of the organic results that take up the rest of the page.

This unit on the Components of Search provides examples of the components that are referenced in Search Tracker if you want more detail about each component of the SERP.

Also, digging into the Search Tracker reports can give you more insight into what is being returned in these searches. To do this, from the Search Tracker screen, click ‘View all Searches’.

This will give you a log of all the searches, and the Share of Intelligent Search. From that page, you can also click ‘View Search Report’ to see the details of that search.

This will give you the SERP breakdown so you can see the “Match Type” (Local Pack and Knowledge Card, No Match, Website, or Listings), and the URL of what was returned.

In terms of making improvements or changes, it depends on what you want to track. If you want to make changes to your Search Tracker configuration you can select different queries to see how different queries impact how your brand appears in search, or you can keep the same queries and monitor over time how your Share of Intelligent Search change for the same set of queries.