UTM Tracking for Reservation Link & Menu Link in Google

Hi fellow Hitchhikers,

In our knowledge graph, UTM parameters are defined globally for all listings as in the screenshot, which makes Google traffic from Menu URL and Reservation URL are reported as referral traffic in Google Analytics. (Screenshot below)

Yext allows us to change UTMs for the website URL in this section, but not for the Menu URL and Reservation URL in Google My Business Fields section in entity edit.

How do I update the UTMs of these links only in my Google listing without changing the settings for the entire extended network?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Chamal,

In order to accomplish this behavior, you’ll need to work with our support team to set up custom fields for Menu and Reservation URLs on Google. Please reach out to your Yext representative and they will be able to assist with this.


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Thanks Teddy, I appreciate your help.