Introduction | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

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This guide assumes that you have a Yext account to get started. Don’t have an account? You can create a Playground account from your Hitchhikers profile .

This guide will walk you through how to manage your Configuration-as-Code (CaC) resources locally and push those changes through the Yext CLI.

What are CaC resources? Great question! Much of the configuration of your Yext account is stored as a set of JSON configuration files that allow you to easily manage, clone or modify through code. Most of this configuration can be done through GUI screens in the Yext UI but the CLI lets you skip all of that so you can make fast, programmatic updates straight from your local machine.

In this guide, you will go through the workflow of

  • Logging into your account via the CLI via yext init
  • Pulling your CaC config files for your account to your local machine via yext resources pull
  • Making a change locally
  • Applying changes back to your account via yext resources apply

cli manage resources workflow

As you’re going through the guide, feel free to also take a look at the CLI reference docs .