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This guide assumes that you have created a Search experience and are ready to take it live on your website. If you haven’t done this yet, check out the Search - Quick Start Your Experience Guide .


Most websites have search results live on a specific page. Generally this is on a URL such as: or All of the search bars across your entire website will point to this one page to show search results.

If you have not added a Search bar to your homepage, we recommend that you follow this guide to add or replace a search bar , which will then redirect to the search results page.

If you want to deploy Search to a secure token API, then visit our JWT guide .

There are two ways of hosting the search results page:

  • JS Snippet - Embedded into a page you create
  • Subdomain - Fully Hosted on a Yext Page

In this guide, we’ll walk through each of these options as well as some optional next steps.

Let’s get started!