Introduction | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

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This guide assumes that you have an account already set up with Search to get started. Don’t have an account? You can sign up for a free trial or create a Playground account from your Hitchhikers Profile .


This guide will walk you through how to build a Search experience in Yext and integrate it into your Freshdesk portal and agent ticket system. In this guide, you will:

  • Index your existing data
  • Enable Your experience
  • Integrate a search experience onto your help site
  • Integrate a search experience into your ticket form
  • Integrate a search experience into your Agent Console Sidebar

If you did not sign up for the Freshdesk Free Trial and are using a Playground account, applying the Freshdesk Solution Template as a first step will provide you with a starting structure for your account (including the Knowledge Graph setup and a Search frontend and search config) that you can then customize with your brand’s content and styling. You can learn more about Solution Templates by checking out the Solution Templates and the Admin Console modules .

Let’s Get Started!